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Workshops and Education

Part of our Mission is to do everything that we can to make sure that everyone in the world has a chance to experience improvisation.  We do that in a big way through Workshops and Education, believing that Improv is as much (or more!) a private experience than a public show.

We are always available to offer private workshops!   Private workshops are available to help an improv team move to the next level or to allow your existing social club a fun chance to try something new!

We offer company/corporate workshops to help your work teams operate more cooperatively and creatively, to blow off steam for a few hours, and to enjoy important morale and staff development.  

Send us an email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) to get the ball rolling on setting something up!!  See below for information on our last round to get ideas!!



2016 Spring Drop-In Classes

Zoo Improv is offering drop-in classes on Thursday nights, 7-9 pm at SoDo Theatre.  The classes are $10 per night or you can sign up for all seven for $60.  

Here’s why you should take improv classes:  Learn to tap into your own inner improviser, use your imagination to its fullest, and say “Yes, and” to any given circumstances.  The exercises and practices taught for improvisation can benefit all types of people in all walks of life.  Learning improv skills can improve your performance skills, leadership, teamwork, positivity, and help to unleash your creativity.   

  • 4/7  Introductory Improv Crash Course:  Don’t let the name scare you.  We’ll be gentle.  This evening will be perfect for the folks interested in just dipping their toe in for the first time.  If you plan to take one or all of the upcoming classes or participate in the auditions at the end of May, this evening will get you up to speed on the principles and terms that are used in improvisation.
    Crash Course | 10 USD

  • 4/14  Improv Requires Imagination:  Our entire world and all the objects in an improvised scene are imaginary.  Learn to use imaginary objects and pantomime like a pro.  This important skill helps us to communicate with our scene partners and say “Yes, and” using more than words.
    Improv Imagination | 10 USD

  • 4/21  Get Out of Your Head and Into Your World, Using Your Environment:  Learn how to go to your pretend environment for inspiration.  Experience the scene work fun of having everything you need and being anywhere at any time.  
    Using Your Environment | 10 USD

  • 4/28  You're Quite a Character, Building Characters:  Get the toolkit for creating new and different characters.  Surprise yourself with a fun, creative character you didn’t know you had in you.
    Building Characters | 10 USD

  • 5/5  Yes-And With Your Body, Any Body Can Improvise:  Learn to use your body in new ways to communicate and create characters.  Express emotions and define improvised spaces using your physicality.  (Have no fear: you do not need to be yoga whiz to participate in this class.)
    Yes-And With Your Body | 10 USD

  • 5/12   Initiating Scenes and Raising the Stakes:  Start an interesting scene.  Make it even more engaging.  Heighten the tension.  If you build it the comedy will come.  Have fun!  
    Initiations and Escalations | 10 USD

  • 5/19  Truth be Told!, Honesty in Emotional Scenes:  Utilize your emotional intelligence and let go of your filter to respond truthfully in a scene.  Learn to play from the gut, thoughtlessly but sincerely.
    Emotional Honesty | 10 USD

  • Sign up for all of them and get one for free!  Stoopid Awesome!
    Bring It On | 60 USD