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Don't Be Bulletproof - Jessica Landis and Pancake Dinner

Improvisation means you can do or be anything.  How do you make the "right" choice when there are infinite possibilities?  As Luke Cage has shown, being vulnerable is the most courageous choice you can make.  This workshop will focus on making brave, interesting moves in your scenes that will surprise you and your audiences.  Pick up the confidence that you will be okay no matter what happens next- and no matter who you are on stage with.  As Twitter CEO Dick Costolo has said, being present for the moment can make you a better person and a better leader.   Don't you want to try it?  

Pancake Dinner is a team of veteran Chicago performers who have been playing together for several years, and separately for decades.  They are excited for Zoo Improv Festival, which is always a great weekend!  Their shows bring to life realistic people and situations with patience and vulnerability, and they look forward to teaching a workshop on that style Saturday.

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