C-U Improv Festival

Well, everyone, the Fifth Festival is over and done.  Sad face that it's over, but it happened, so happy face for moments remembered!  It was so awesome, so much fun.  Stay tuned for more nostalgia, including video in that menu on your left...


The Fifth Annual C-U Improv Festival was...

Friday Night November 15 and Saturday, November 16, 2013.  

It's C-U's own Improv Festival, FIFTH Annual, at SoDo Theatre!!

Workshops in the afternoon, performances in the evening.  So much more information on each performing team and workshop through the links on the Festival Menu to your Left.

All of this is going down at 111 S. Walnut in Champaign.  (Wheelchair access at 114 S. Neil)

Friday, Nov. 15 

at 8pm

Spicy Clamato, Giddy Up Cupcake, and 4:00 pm Porkchops

at 10 pm

Phoenix Improv Co., Villain, and FrankenReagan

Saturday, Nov. 16

at 7 pm

DeBono, Guys?, and Kevintino

at 9 pm

Team On a Stick, CIP Touring Company, and d'Hôtél Winñetkå

at 11 pm

Tandem, and pH

Note: The schedule is always subject to changes!  We won't move your local friends out of their slot, but we might swap some other teams around if problems arise for our out-of-town guests!

Shows are only $5 per person per show!  

 Special Thanks to Chipotle Mexican Grill